Foot Mask - 2 Pack

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Foot Mask: 

This foot mask can give enough moisture and nutrition for your skin to keep nourishing, repairing and moisturising. It also softens the old Cutin on your foot to prompt the old skin to fall off. All this while improving the rough and dull skin problems on your foot, ensuring the end results of brightening and firming of your skin, making your feet feel delicate and smooth.

How to Use:
If this is your first time trying, you may be need 3-5 pairs in the first course, 1 pair per bag, 1 pair per use, this item can not be reused.

Apply mask like wearing a sock, wear the mask for 35-90 minutes, remove the mask and clean each foot. 

After use, your foot may dry, harden or wrinkle, this is caused by the dead skin, please don't worry.

Apply another mask the following night until desired results are met. 

Customer Reviews

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Fredy Denesik

The second time I take it, you need to use them correctly, look for instructions and will be super heels.

Ayden Hoppe

Famous Foot Mask. I don't need a show. Nice price.

Florence Stiedemann

Great product!!

Tyree Moore

I have used this product before, cheaper from this website.

Leonora Witting

Such a weird feeling, loveeee peeling the skin after.