GPF12 Golf Rangefinder with Magnetic Strip

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Welcome to our most advanced Golf Rangefinder - The GPF12 has Accuracy up to
±0.55m, and measures up to 500 Metres, it boasts a strong and stable measuring performance. Start improving your game by knowing how far you have to the pin! Once you learn your golf shot distances, watch your game improve! 


Wide view of 7°
P2P Measurement
High transmittance ≥90%
Model GPF12 Range 500m
Battery Lithium Measuring unit m, Yd
Flagpole lock Accuracy ±0.5m
Angle measurement Angle range -45°~45°
Slope Slope angle range -20°~20°
Speed measurement Angle accuracy ±1°
Vibration Laser wavelength 905 nm
Angle switch Eye safety FDA (CFR21)
Auto power switch-off
16s after inactivity
Field of View
Mileseey GPF12 Golf Rangefinder for Sale with Slope and Magnetic Holder, Vibration and Rechargeable Range Covering 656 Yards