Bucks Party Kit

Swing Hard Bucks Party Kit

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Australia's Best Boys weekend / Batchelor party Kit!

Envee Golf - Bucks Kit

Call it a bachelor party Kit, Grooms party kit, hangover kit, survival kit, whatever name you want to use! Do you and your friends like playing Golf? how about for the tradition of celebrating one of your close friends getting married. While your busy organising where to go and what to do, let our team at Envee Golf have you sorted when it comes to golf! 

Check out our Swing Hard Bucks Kit or Swing Easy Bucks Kit for the ultimate golf day games! Get your bucks party started off the right way - the Envee Golf way! 

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Item One

2x Customised Golf balls

Item Two

2x Sexy Lady Tees

Item Three

Customised Bucks Flask

Item Four

Voost Energy Effervescent Tablets

Item Five

40ml Jagermeister

Item Six

50MM Fireball Whisky


the rule card


There is only one reason why this kit is called the Swing Hard Bucks Kit, and these will be why. Please be patient as we work on being able to supply you with these items.

Lets make the golf day on your bucks kit one to remember!

item Seven - Not Included

Cigar & Cutter

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