Putting Level Reader With Hat Clip

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The Envee Golf Green Reader is a unique way to read the slope and break on a green. It can show any uphill, downhill, sloping right or sloping left break on any putting surface. The bubble in the spirit level will move around the dial to show you the direction of the break. If the bubble is directly in the centre of the dial the green is level. But how often does that happen? By reading the dial around the disc you can instantly see the slope of the green. If the bubble moves right on the dial, that is the high side and the slope will be to the left. If the bubble moves left on the dial, then that is the high side and the slope will be to the right. Every quadrant on the dial shows you the path your ball will take on its way to the hole. The further outside the centre circle on the dial the greater the slope or the greater the uphill or downhill break. 

This product will train your eye to see the subtle contours that can make even a short putt difficult. The more you use it, the better your putting game will be. You can stop talking about the putt that got away…..this will get you out of all your little green lies!

The clip for the level reader can be attached to your belt, hat or bag.