Monthly Challenge Rules

Welcome to our Monthly challenge, the game layout is a monthly best Stableford score. All points are taken direct from your Golf Australia – Golf Link Number.

 To Enter the monthly challenge, you will be asked for your GA Golf Link Number when you complete your purchase of our Eagle Box Subscription. Your scores are then monitored using the Golf Australia application. All Scores are usually updated each Monday.

For all games there are rules, here are the rules we request our Envee community to follow.

  1. All golfers are to remain honest; scores are only submitted if they are posted against the golfers’ handicap.
  2. If a golfer notices an issue with their score for the month, please contact our support team to have it corrected.
  3. If there are multiple winners for the month, the second-best score for the month is then taken into consideration so a winner can be chosen.
  4. Should there be no other scores for the month, the reward will be split amongst the winners.
  5. The reward decision is at the Discretion of the Envee employees.
  6. All customers who purchase a subscription 7 days before the competition comes to an end will be entered into the next months draw. 
  7. All new customers are added into the competition on the following Mondays after their purchase. 

Please Note: The GA Golf Link Numbers submitted to Envee will not be shared and the golfers private information is protected at all times.