Golf Swing Trainer Arm Band

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The golf swing training aid belt will Keep your body and arms together for a more efficient swing while improving accuracy and distance, and after a long time of using it, you will still get the right posture thought without the armband due to muscle memory.


Just put your arms and elbows into the posture correction swing elastic band, establishes and maintains the proper distance between the left foot and the right knee.

Beginners, social golfers, professionals golfers, suitable for both right and left-handed golfers, men, women, and junior golfers. This training aid works for golfers of all levels.

Golf training armband with a high degree of flexibility, you can easily place your elbows in the armband to establish and maintain a proper distance between your left foot and right knee.


Get Rid of the Chicken Wing!

Helps prevent the "Chicken Wing" Swing by keeping your arms together and in sync during your swing. This is the perfect Golf Swing Trainer to bring along to the driving range - repetition with this tool will quickly translate to the course.

Create the Perfect Golf Swing!

Helps keep your arms and body in sync during the entire swinging motion and creates muscle memory for a smoother swing.  Any skill level of golfer can use this aid to build a more consistent and effective swing to lead to lower scores!