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16 Piece Kids Golf Set

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Introducing Envee Golfs gift for the kids! Dad loves golf right? Mum loves the Rattan or Moroccan decor around and inside the house? why not mix both! Introducing the 12 piece kids mini golf set Brisbane, perfect for fun with the family and matching the decor around the house! 
Just because you're indoors doesn't mean you can't visit the golf course! With the 16 piece Kids Wooden Mini Golf Course Set, your little ones can create their own mini golf course in their bedroom or playroom and have hours of endless fun, this is even fun that mum and dad could be part of, its not only challenging for the kids! This toy golf set has everything a kid & adult needs to make a tricky mini golf course for themselves and their friends.
All pieces of the kid's golf set are made of wood and child-safe materials with a finish thats durable and good-looking. Any kid can play with this children's golf toy thanks to the height-adjustable putter clubs. With a little creativity, your little golfers can create a challenging and fun mini golf course in their room
Package Includes; 
2X Adjustable height clubs
3X holes with flags
2X Wooden golf balls
5-Piece rainbow tunnel
1X Bead curtain obstacle
1X Spinner obstacle
1X Flat bridge
1X Wavy bridge
1X Canvas carry bag
16 Piece Kids Golf Set
16 Piece Kids Golf Set
16 Piece Kids Golf Set
16 Piece Kids Golf Set
16 Piece Kids Golf Set
16 Piece Kids Golf Set
16 Piece Kids Golf Set

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While we try our best to cater the boxes for everyone, it is very difficult to suit everyones style! Please let us know if you want to swap out an item!

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