Handy Golf Glove Holder

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Introducing the Handy glove Holder.

What a game changer! 
Are you a scruncher? Folder? Thrower? Do you put your glove anywhere and everywhere when you take it off to putt? I bet you wish you had somewhere convenient to put it. 
Well let Envee introduce you to our Handy Glove Holder (round of applause)... This handy little tool lets you place your glove wherever you choose, that can be on your belt, on your bag, on your cart.. wherever! 


You have just hit that one shot, it flew straight to the green! time to putt, are you taking your glove off and throwing it in the cart? or folding it for the back pocket? do you find that when you're folding your glove to place it in your pocket that it gets all crumpled? it stays damp from the sweat? 

Handy Glove Holder - THE FIX! 

Take your glove off, use the velcro already existing on your glove, push it against your Handy Glove Holder - no need to crumple the glove, let the glove air out and most importantly, never loose it! 

Here Are some ways you can use Your Handy Glove Holder 

On The Bag!
On The Belt!