Pop Up Chipping Net

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Why do you need a golf net?

Even the most dedicated golf enthusiasts can't be on the golf course all year round. Our net will let you practice anytime and anywhere.

With a golf net, you can practice without worrying about disturbing your neighbours with missed shots.

Going to the driving range is expensive and time-consuming.

Owning a golf net at home can greatly help cut down your training cost, saving you time and money.

With a golf net, you can conveniently practice your swings for as long as you want.

Through training, you can build up the core and muscle strength needed for in-game success.

    Practice all year round

    You won’t have to worry about golfing weather conditions ever again! Our net fits into any small bag, making it easy and store to carry. Take your pop up chipping net anywhere, anytime. Our product is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.