Deluxe Golf Brush

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The Deluxe Golf Brush!

It doesn't make any sense not to look after our clubs better, we pay a lot of money for them but then too many of us don't make sure that they're working to the best of their abilities by cleaning out the grooves.. the groves are there for a reason remember! have you thought of purchasing a Deluxe Golf Bush?
Deluxe Golf Bush Australia
Remember when you bought those shiny new wedges and they used to check up or even spin back a few feet after a particularly nice strike? Well, those days can be here again if you just try a bit harder with your post-shot routine. Look at all the tour pros – every shot is followed by a good scrub of the grooves with our deluxe golf brush Australia. 
This features a hybrid of nylon bristles for a more gentle cleaning of your woods and hybrids and wire bristles on the other side for a more aggressive cleaning of your irons. 
Deluxe Golf Bush Australia
What’s neat about this product is there is a retractable cleaning spike to get into those grooves and also to clean out your spikes in your shoes. There is a snap-back cord so it can sit on your bag before getting to work, our Deluxe Golf Bush Australia also has a larger surface area of brush, this will help clean your clubs faster and help get you back into action.