Golf Club Carrier / Organiser

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Simple Versatility

When your trunk is already packed full of that gold you've been mining, it's hard to fit your entire golf bag also. If you only like to carry a few clubs to the range, this club carrier is ideal for you.
If you want to ditch the bag, grab only your favourite clubs.. or your most hated, than this product is perfect for you! 
Grab the clubs, clip them in and your organised! 
Fits seamlessly into most golf bags
Reduces club chatter
Stands up on its own when three or more clubs are inserted
Great solution when it's Cart Path Only!
It can hold up to 6 clubs, 3 tees, and one ball marker.
Such a simplified product for such a sophisticated person, this product can be used in a variety of ways.

AkoaDa Easy to Install Golf Club Carrier Portable Golf Club Support  Organizer Can Hold 6 Golf Clubs(Grey) -