Putting Swing Trainer

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The Putting Swing Trainer provides significant feedback and also helps to improve your pace of putting and your ability to repeat your stroke.

With the help of this training aid, muscle memory can be stored to help control your distance when putting, have you ever wondered just how far you need to swing to find the correct distance of your putt? well look no further! 

The Putting Swing Trainer teaches you the correct putting stroke path, proper acceleration and how to square the club face. Its unique shape sets the club on a proper path throughout the putting stroke and gets you on path for more accuracy and lower scores on the score card! Use the Putting Swing Trainer  to find out how to develop and ingrain the proper arc for flush putts.

  • Use on the practice green, at home or in the office
  • Use with your own putter 
  • Includes guides to even out stroke length
  • Unique shape sets the club on proper path throughout the putting stroke