What Makes our Vests Great

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Our Envee Golf vests have a 4-way stretch technology that is designed to provide an athletic fit that does not hinder your range of motion, letting you move freely while supporting how your body moves through each step of your swing! 
windproof Icon - Free PNG & SVG 668492 - Noun ProjectWindproof technology keeps your warm during those cooler mornings on the course! However, when we say windproof, our vests are still breathable, this helps with maintaining a comfortable body temperature without over heating during your round! 
Moisture wicking fabric - Free fashion icons
The quick dry technology keeps you comfortable at all times           throughout your round of golf, sometimes on a rough round of golf it can feel like a brutal work out, Envee Golf has you covered with our vests!
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The moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry at all times throughout the round, let Envee worry out the sweaty, stuffy and hot feeling so you can worry about getting to the golf green in regulation!  
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The Envee vest fabric has the added extra of anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of oder-causing bacteria to ensure you stay smell free throughout your round, the vest has a great mix of protection from the sun as well as opening for the breeze to penetrate and keep you cool! 
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The vest structure from the stitching, material, zips and collar gives you and attractive edge over other vests in the business, allow Envee to keep you looking sharp on and off the golf course! The Envee vests are built tough and durable to withstand whatever you have to throw our way - Get your vest today!