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Kids Wooden Putting Set
Kids Wooden Putting Set
Kids Wooden Putting Set

12 Piece Kids Mini Golf Set

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Introducing Envee Golfs gift for the kids! Dad loves golf right? Mum loves the Rattan or Moroccan decor around and inside the house? why not mix both! Introducing the 12 piece kids mini golf set Brisbane, perfect for fun with the family and matching the decor around the house! 

Brand new and high quality! Give your children educational fun with our wooden mini golf set for kids, the ultimate golf play-set for kids and toddlers, a great way for them to develop many important life skills, while keeping them busy for hours and into a passion that dad or mum already loves! 

Kids Mini Golf Set

Kids can create their own difficult course with this set of wooden mini golf toys, dad and mum can keep score and help to improve your child's hand eye coordination with the tricky goal posts for the golf ball! This crazy golf set is perfect for play room golf sets, play area golf sets and parties in the garden or park, it has everything you need for a great game of golf.

Made with child-safe materials and finishes, not made of plastic, this is an all wooden kids golf set, all accessories are made of high-quality beech wood and pear wood. Ideal for kids 3-6 year olds.

Package Includes:

2X Wooden Golf Clubs 

4X Score Posts 

2X Obstacle Humps 

2X Golf holes with flags

1X Carry case

Kids Wooden Putting Set
Kids Wooden Putting Set
Kids Wooden Putting Set

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