Instant Golf Club Scratch Remover

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Golf Club Cleaner

Effectively Remove Scratches from your Golf Clubs with our Instant Golf Club Scratch Remover! Recreate a clean / shiny surface and let your clubs look new again with our Instant Golf Club Scratch Remover!

No streaking, smearing and scratching! our Instant Golf Club Scratch Remover is a  formula that polishes stainless steel, chrome, brass and more! It removes common problems such as surface rust, discolouration, tarnishing, staining and oxidation with ease. The metal surface is left with an ultra-thin wax coating for prevention from further degradation and corrosion. It is certified by NSF International, a global public health and safety organisation, and has been declared safe for use around food processing areas. This product is non-toxic and ammonia free, making it ideal for all uses.

Safe and easy to apply
Suitable for all types of golf clubs - titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, etc. With the application of the product, it will gently remove the scratches from the surface without any complex steps.

Easy to use
Simply apply a small amount of Iron Polishing Solution to a microfiber towel and buff club to restore and reveal pristine finish.

The Best Choice To Remove Scratches!

An essential addition to every golf bag.
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Material: Abrasive

Capacity: 50ml