Envee Golf has a range of golf towels to match your bag or golf set! Shop from a range of different colours and styles for your golf towel Brisbane. 

    Our latest addition is the Magnetic Golf Towel Local, the magnet on the towel allows you to detach it from your bag and connect it to the golf cart, have your towel near you at all times, ready to clean your club straight after your Golf shot! 

    No need to bend down and pick up your towel when it can magnetise to your golf club, our Magnetic Golf Towel Local is becoming more and more popular! Keep your clubs clean and see the results yourself! 

    Cleaning your golf clubs after each hot and every round is a great practise and can end up improving your game! when you can put appropriate spin on the ball it c.n be the difference of a Par or a double bogie! 

    Let Envee Golf keep your clubs clean and help improve your golf score!