International Shipping

We currently have international shipping enabled on checkout for customers in New ZealandJapan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, the United States, United Kingdom* and the European Union (EU)**. For customers in other countries, please contact us at with the products and shipping information and we’ll get back to you with an international shipping quote. 

International orders are zero-rated and do not include any Australian GST. International customers will receive 1/11th of your order off (10% Australian Goods and Services tax). Prices on our website will automatically update to reflect the shipping address set in checkout. Please note that any import duties, customs and any tariffs levied on arrival at the destination country are the sole responsibility of the customer.

*For customers in the United Kingdom, 20% VAT is collected on checkout for orders below $250.00 AUD excluding shipping (approximately 135GBP) in accordance with UK VAT regulations. 20% VAT is levied on both the cart subtotal and shipping charges. Orders above $250.00 will be zero-rated by Envee Industries. For zero-rated orders, taxes and duties may be levied by the HMRC on arrival into the UK. The payment of any taxes and duties levied on arrival are the sole responsibility of the customer.

**For customers residing within the European Union, all sales by Envee Industries are zero-rated for tax. We are able to ship to the EU but shipments will likely be held for processing by your local customs authority pending payment of VAT and any applicable taxes. All taxes, duties, tariffs and customs charges payable on upon arrival are the sole responsibility of the customer.